Things you can do to Take Care of Sensitive Young Skin

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Baby skin is just so delicate. It hasn’t yet been exposed to chemicals, sun, wind or other harsh weather. It is also around 33% thinner than adult skin, making it so more vulnerable to irritation and dryness!

When selecting products that come into contact with my baby’s skin I follow a few simple rules:

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  • I make sure I am selecting products that have been specifically designed for babies – what might work for an adult won’t necessarily work for a baby or child. Young skin is different and more sensitive, thinner and in general a lot more delicate.
  • I make sure to always look at the label to check the ingredients as well as the product guidelines – I prefer natural and organic ingredients, no nasty chemicals, and clear guidance on how to use the product (particularly for sunscreen!). I think it is really important to make sure I know what I am putting on my child’s skin and how to ensure products are working as they are designed.
  • I also make sure I patch test any new products on my child to minimise any potential reactions. 
  • Trust the experts- if your child does develop an allergy or skin condition, make sure to take them to your G.P or dermatologist for an expert opinion on what products may be right for you.

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Using skincare products that are gentle on sensitive young skin is really important.  However I also take the following steps to ensure other products that come into contact with my babies skin are suitable to use:

  • Use sensitive laundry powder. I have found that our little boy would sometimes get a rash after wearing his reusable nappies. I changed my laundry powder and it made a huge difference! Using mineral and plant based laundry products helps with any irritation that may occur to new skin.  There are some great New Zealand made products on the market that don’t contain optical whiteners, phosphates or artificial fragrances. This product from Ecostore is a favourite!
  • Use soap sparingly. Due to our lifestyle we have found that baby led weaning works best for us. A downside is that our little guy gets very messy (as does anything within a 10m radius! I feel like I am constantly wiping his face, washing his clothes, wiping his hands and then once I have done that we are ready for the next meal and it repeats. Skin can become dry if washed excessively, particularly if using harsh soaps. Babies don’t perspire and washing them excessively can strip their skin of natural oils.  I make sure to wash Felix with a soft cloth and lukewarm water.  When he has a poonami or otherwise gets REALLY dirty, I use Little Dragon Baby Wash as its gentle on his skin and has a soft natural citrus scent.  But I find that water is best in most cases!​
  • ​​Ensure clothing is breathable. Making sure babies wear clothing that has natural and breathable fibres during both the day and at night is really important. During summer it can get quite hot and humid so making sure layers can be removed or added when needed helps the babies’ skin to breathe. Also having a bit of nappy free time each day is great for babies (fingers crossed you get the timing right on this one). One of my life savers though has been our Merino Kids Sleep Sack. The material is so soft and being 100% Merino it is breathable and means his temperature is regulated during the night.

One thing I have learned since becoming a mum, is that there are so many opinions out there, that it is always best to do what is best for you! If you're unsure, as a friend or family member and to see what worked best for them and give it a go! If unsure there is also Plunket or your GP who can help!

​Let us know in the comments what your favourite go-to products are to take care of your bub!


Kristina is a busy mum who lives in Wellywood, New Zealand. Felix is the handsome chap on the right who has just turned 1! Since having Felix, Krissy has become passionate about using locally sourced, natural, sustainable products which has since led to the inception of Little Dragon Skin Care.

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