Why we love being New Zealand Made

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One of the core values of Little Dragon is that we are New Zealand made.  We are passionate Kiwi's and we are so proud to bring you 100% NZ made products! After spending time overseas the reality hit us, and we realised how truly fortunate we are to live in a place where we have everything on our back doorstep - mountains, parks, beaches… you name it.  When children come into the mix it makes you appreciate everything and more that NZ has to offer. 
We love being NZ made. We’ve designed our products to incorporate the best New Zealand sourced essential oils and ingredients, like Manuka Honey, Beeswax and Goats Milk, which are great for the skin. We also source extracts from native New Zealand plant species- many of which have evolved over millions of years and carry medicinal and skin enhancing properties- their power first harnessed in traditional Māori medicine. The extracts used in our skincare are some of the best bio-active NZ native oils and extracts used to treat a range of skin conditions. We think NZ has some of the highest quality ingredients available- and feel so privileged to be able to use their natural superpowers to create our products, while also supporting local suppliers.
We take great pride in being NZ made and using NZ ingredients, and we also have a responsibility to ensure that we are doing what we can to protect our beautiful country.  We have designed our products in an environmentally friendly way and will continue to innovate to ensure we are minimising our footprint. Being a specialist baby skin care company makes us extremely conscious of the impacts our choices today are having on the world our babies will live in tomorrow!


Kristina is a busy mum who lives in Wellywood, New Zealand. Felix is the handsome chap on the right who has just turned 1! Since having Felix, Krissy has become passionate about using locally sourced, natural, sustainable products which has since led to the inception of Little Dragon Skin Care.

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